Individual Therapy

Our non 12 step rehab programs are available to each individual suffering from a form of addiction. We offer individual therapy sessions to help each individual work on their addiction issues and reach a healthy and successful recovery.

How it Works
Often, many individuals feel lost and wounded and cut off from the world. They seek treatment but have inability to trust themselves and have trouble healing on their own. By working with a trained therapist in our individual sessions, you can begin to understand your addiction and being your healing process.

We offer individual therapy sessions twice a week in our recovery programs so you can begin to love and trust yourself once again. Recovery does not occur overnight, and we understand before you can effectively recover from your addiction you must first build a trusting relationship with your therapist. In your individual sessions, you will soon begin to emerge and learn how to deal with your addiction and begin working on a strong recovery.

Once you feel ready, we begin to introduce a balance of individual sessions and group sessions to help you recovery. Speaking to others about your addiction will help understand yourself and you will be fully supported by others that have gone through similar situations. Individuals that participate in individual and group sessions have a more successful rehabilitation.

  • Benefits of Individual Therapy
  • One-on-One Attention
  • Skilled and Qualified Therapists
  • Supportive Advisor
  • Trusting and Confidential Assistance

Join our Addiction Treatment Center
Recovery can happen and with the help of Malibu Recovery, we can help you get there successfully. We offer a variety of treatment services without a 12 step recovery program. Our drug and alcohol treatment center offers a combination of individual and group therapy sessions to help you treat your addiction effectively. Join our addiction treatment center; some health insurances cover rehab. Contact our office today for more information on your individual treatment and get the help you need now.