The MALIBU RECOVERY Admissions Team is well versed in evaluating your treatment needs and will complete an assessment prior to your admission. MALIBU RECOVERY is a private pay facility and is not contracted with any insurance companies. Therefore, obtaining reimbursement is the client’s responsibility. Our Admissions team will assist you, as a courtesy, in checking for insurance benefits, obtaining pre-certification, performing utilization reviews and providing treatment documentation but it will be up to you to negotiate with your insurance company for reimbursement. MALIBU RECOVERY is not responsible for your insurance company’s final decisions regarding the amount of reimbursement.

Our program has a variable length of stay with a minimum commitment of 30 days based on your individual needs. Although the program is based on this structure, there is some flexibility and additional time is available to each individual depending on his or her needs and challenges.

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MALIBU RECOVERY is set apart from other rehabilitation centers in that our treatment center cares for only a small number of clients at a time. The reason for this design is that we specialize in treating each person individually, yet in a community setting. For each client we prepare personalized alcohol rehab and/or drug rehab plans, conduct individual psychotherapy as well as group sessions, and generally tailor the treatment experience to meet the needs of each client. Traditional industry standards have used group process as the primary therapeutic intervention. While we recognize the value of the group we also believe that there is an essential place for individual therapy. We incorporate several other treatment modalities, which further enhance the traditional methods of alcohol and drug rehabilitation.


MALIBU RECOVERY is licensed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.