Professional Referrals

At MALIBU RECOVERY, we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative team environment with our referral and support network. If you are interested in becoming a part of our growing community, please fill out the pdf application below and submit it for consideration.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our growing community, please email your Name, Credentials, Organization, & Phone Number to for consideration

Family Therapy

Family member’s treatment is actually a kind of remedy that’s intended to handle certain problems impacting medical and operation of your family group. It May Be Used to Enable a family through a Challenging Time Period, either a Significant transition or even psychological or behavioral Wellbeing issues in Relatives. Dependence process additionally requires education and insight. Our family therapy Method will provide funds for instruction along with a chance for therapeutic. Our Loved Ones comprises Family Treatment Periods that tackle certain problems inside your household. In the instance of dependence, your family may show up at family remedy as whoever comes with a dependence engages in-home therapy. Members of the family and others Participated from the Family treatment generally brings numerous relatives together with remedy periods.

Healthy Boundaries

Putting boundaries can be an equally significant part setting a person’s individuality, in addition to being essential to your emotional wellness insurance and well-being. You’ll find various sorts of bounds, from bodily bounds into emotional borders, and in addition, there are different heights of bounds, out of unfastened to stiff, with healthful borders falling somewhere among. Inside our search to become accepted and loved, we know many behaviors that are detrimental for wellbeing and growth. Learning how to set up healthful borders is essential for continuing healing. In MALIBU RECOVERY you can expect classes to assist in pinpointing where inferior bounds have generated issues on your own life and determine the various tools to earn crucial changes potential.

Adventure Therapy

Influences from the Selection of Mastering and Mental Concepts have led for the intricate theoretical Mixture Included in adventure therapy. Experience therapy can be an exemplary healing method using combined set online games, principles courses, and applying struggle within a representative for shift. Adventure remedy aids people take part in fresh behaviors and re connect to their own bodies. In experience remedy, you’re given with true adventures which may be drawn up on in order to aid you for creating the essential changes on your own life, in addition to having a superb path for producing local community.