Although we offer limited timeframe addiction treatment, Malibu Recovery has long understood that recovery from drugs and alcohol is lifelong process. And while this statement is so commonplace as to be a cliché these days, there is another stage of addiction that is seldom discussed: the 100-day hangover. Addiction affects the mind, body, and spirit. As you learn to live your life without addictive substances again, you will go through withdrawals in every part of yourself. The 100-day hangover refers to the time it takes your brain to get over the newfound lack of chemicals.

Doctors have found that the human body can metabolize most any drug in a relatively short amount of time, usually five days at the longest (except in the case of marijuana, which can remain in your system for closer to a month). At Malibu Recovery, we help most of our patients through this initial detox phase. But the longer-lasting psychological withdrawals often last well beyond the timeframe of our drug addiction treatment program. This is known as “protracted withdrawal.”

Long-Term Addiction Treatment Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Low Energy
  • Sleep Problems
  • Depression
  • Extreme Irritability

Many people in recovery report simply not feeling like themselves. And since you are embarking on a whole new chapter in life, this is not at all surprising. During your time at Malibu Recovery, we will help you adjust to a new life without drugs or alcohol. But the longer period following treatment will be yours alone to manage.

Malibu Addiction Treatment
Although the 100-day hangover seems like a difficult time, it will not begin until you go through your initial recovery period. That can begin right here at our Malibu addiction treatment center. With our holistic approach to treatment, we can give you the tools to deal with the first 100 days, and every day after that.