The Family of Origin experience is about the healing of family relationships. We all grew up in a family system that was less than perfect. We did learn how to survive in life, sometimes in the face of great adversity.

In the family program we come together, clients and family members, to heal the wounds that keep us from thriving in our lives. The program brings understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. This is achieved by participating in experiential processes that engage the core issues of life: deeply held beliefs, our feelings, and the healing of our wounds.

Please bring photographs of yourself and other family members as children. Family photos are welcome.

The Family Program Helps Family Members To:

  • Better understand family dynamics
  • Improve communication skills
  • Put healthy boundaries in place
  • Understand family roles
  • Heal old wounds
  • Express feelings with safety and trust
  • Create a climate for healthy change


  • Introductions.
  • Identifying our goals for the workshop.
  • “The Family Tree”; family gene-o-gram.

SCHEDULE Saturday:

  • Family systems and family roles.
  • The Authentic Self and Healing.
  • Losses in Life; Grieving the Reality.
  • Experiential work to include mirror work and give and take with the family member.
  • Optional time.


  • The Victim Triangle and the Triangle of Responsibility.
  • Change and Intention to Change.
  • Closing.