Q: Does The Program Take Place In An Institutional Setting Or Offer A Beautiful, Serene Environment Conducive To Healing?

Institutional settings can work against an individual accessing internal healing.  Begin surrounded by natural beauty and a comfortable setting allows an individual to focus more effectively on the work at  hand:  to learn the tools to maintain sobriety and build a new, more fulfilling life.

Q: Does The Program Offer Specialized Treatment Tracks Or Is It More Of A “Cookie-Cutter” Program?

MALIBU RECOVERY prides itself in having a highly qualified staff that can address specialized needs that you may have.  Not all programs can do this due to the “scope of practice” of those providing the treatment.  Make sure the treatment is being provided by qualified practitioners.

Q: Does The Treatment Program Offer A Balance Of Group And Individual Activities?

Too much reliance on either approach can work against best possible outcomes. Since chemical dependency is characterized as a disease of isolation to rely on individual therapy alone can perpetuate problems without confronting the denial and inconsistency seen in the individual’s life.  On the other hand, reliance on group therapy alone can allow for many more sensitive issues to not be addressed if they are not shared in the group.

Q: Is The Program Structure Flexible Enough To Accommodate Personal Needs?

Many people will not go into treatment due to external commitments which they may not be able to defer for a month or more.  While structure is important to treatment at MALIBU RECOVERY we understand that you may not be able to go into a “monastic” setting for a month or more.  We take that into account and discuss possible options before you come in to make sure it will meet your needs while not diluting the treatment you will receive.

Q: Does The Program Offer A Wide Range Of Ancillary Professionals And Activities To Further Accommodate Your Specialized Needs?

Individuals enter treatment with very unique needs. There is no “one-treatment-fits-all” that has shown to be effective in all instances. It is important for the treatment program you use to utilize different approaches and have the ability to address individual needs as they arise.

Q: Does The Treatment Program Provide A Complete Continuum Of Care Where You Can Transition To Lesser Or Greater Levels Of Support If You Need Them? Do They Offer Outpatient And Aftercare Programs?

The disease of addiction is characterized by potential relapse. In order to minimize this occurrence it is important to have ongoing structure and support. Make sure that the program you choose offers quality care at all levels.

Q:Is The Primary Staff Fully Licensed And Specialized In Their Areas?

It is not uncommon for individuals to present themselves as having credentials or licensure that they do not have. At times a person will get a degree from a non-accredited university but will not qualify for licensure.

For anyone licensed in California as a psychologist you can verify their status by  clicking here and to verify licenses for LMFTs or LCSWs in California click here. It is important to know who will be providing the care to you or your loved one and to know that they have met all professional qualifications necessary for licensure.