MALIBU RECOVERY’s integrative approach to treatment has earned a reputation as the best and most advanced available. The Renaissance Experience grants each client access to an unprecedented range of both traditional and innovative treatment options while respecting each client’s need for individual attention. Here clients are provided with freedom and mind refreshing environment for creating the scope of discovering the innate abilities within. And are motivated to positivity and best way of living. They are undertaken through the intensive care of our specially trained stuffs who are assigned for our clients individually.

Starting before a client arrives at MALIBU RECOVERY’s facility, the staff works with the client and their loved ones to develop an understanding of significant concerns and issues. Upon arrival, each person receives a series of personal evaluations to assess their status in each of the program’s four main healing components; Mind, Body, Spirit and Relationships. The distinguishing feature of The MALIBU RECOVERY is not just the wide variety of program tracks and treatment approaches, but how the clinical team blends these elements together in an environment crafted to produce the best solutions for long term success. We blend traditional western approaches including individual and group therapy, psychopharmacology, twelve-step meetings, and family programs, with innovative approaches like music and art therapy, adventure therapy, equine therapy, and EMDR. In addition, clients will be introduced to healing approaches proven successful in other cultures such as meditation, yoga, and massage. The entire program is presented in an environment supportive of each individual’s unique needs and lifestyle.

When a client moves on from MALIBU RECOVERY, they do so with a renewed outlook on life, secure with the knowledge that they received the finest and most comprehensive treatment available anywhere and supported by their new family in recovery. We are quite happy after getting the satisfactory response of the parents and family members of our clients. When we come to know that our clients are leading a standard life removing the previous dependency and imbalances, our heart fill up with joy as our goal is to make that conversion.