Family Therapy

Family members and significant others engaged in the addiction process also need insight and education. Our Family Program will provide resources for education and an opportunity for healing. Our Family Program includes Family Therapy Sessions that address specific issues within your family as well as The Family of Origin Weekend experience.

Healthy Boundaries

In our quest to be loved and accepted, we learn many behaviors which are destructive to growth and well being. Learning to establish healthy boundaries is critical for ongoing recovery. At MALIBU RECOVERY we offer groups to help in identifying where poor boundaries have created problems in your life and identify the tools to make necessary changes possible.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is an experiential therapeutic approach utilizing cooperative group games, ropes courses, and employing challenge as an agent for change. Adventure therapy helps people engage in new (or rediscovered) behaviors and reconnect with their bodies. In adventure therapy, you are provided with real experiences that can be drawn upon to assist you in making the necessary changes in your life, as well as being an excellent avenue for creating community.