William Shakespeare told “know thyself”. MALIBU RECOVERY believes that each individual contains within themselves the innate wisdom to guide their life. Once the vestiges of the wounds and fears acquired over a lifetime are understood, they can be transformed into a foundation for change and growth. Recognizing the self is the best way to recognize others and with this concept MALIBU RECOVERY going ahead to the undiscovered identity of human being and letting others to discover dormant self.

Adventure Therapy

Influences by the Assortment of Mastering and Emotional Concepts have headed to Its Complex theoretical Combination a Part of Experience Treatment. Practical experience therapy is definitely an exceptional healing procedure utilizing united group on the web games, fundamentals classes, and employing struggle in just a consultant to its transfer. Journey remedy assists visitors to participate in refreshing behaviors and re connect for their own bodies. In adventure treatment, you are awarded with authentic experiences that might be drawn upward on as a way to assist you creating the critical changes for your own life, along with using an exceptional course for generating community. Experience treatment can be really a outdoor- based established kind of psychotherapy which utilizes busy and experiential ways to aiding customers. Journey therapists Utilize action foundations in which they execute paths classes, outdoor interests, jungle expeditions and combined collection matches.


High levels of stress often add fuel to the attraction of addictions. Meditation is really a Clinic by Which Somebody uses an Approach, like Concentrating their Head on the particular Thing, Action or Thought, to accomplish an Emotionally clear and emotionally Serene Country. Focused training in contemporary meditation techniques will aid you in de-stressing your life. These techniques are also used to clarify your inner purpose. Meditation is such a way through which your soul can have spiritual journey to different places at a time. Generally the room should be quiet and Culm and very mild music can be played while doing meditation. In MALIBU RECOVERY we have the complete arrangement for doing meditation. The main intention of practicing meditation is to bring back the mental stability of the addicted individual and empowering the will power as they lose their mental stability and will power due to drug addiction.  Meditation is not only effective for drug addicted person but also for everyone who is confused and unstable mentally.